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c.i.g.l.a.b. Lakás/Apartment Manna Productions
Szóról szóra/Verbatim/Word for word L. Mario's grandmother PanoDráma
Hétköznapi Show/ Everyday Show Katinka Karaván Művészeti Alapítvány
Ki vagy?/ Who’s there? Hamlet, Gertrúd, Ophelia Budapest Fringe
Heroes of Hungary Peter Orseolo Utsza-Szak Egyesület
Cronotopia Providence Sziget Festival/Electric Pear
Ravioli Family Circus La Mamma Clowns Without Borders
Master and Margarita Margarita Arvisura Theatre Company
Hamlet Ophelia Arvisura Theatre Company
In the Jungle of Cities Marie Arvisura Theatre Company
God Bless the Major Ágika Merlin International Theatre
Teatro Godot Yvette Krétakör Theatre
Terrible Children Elisabeth Krétakör Theatre
The Tragedy of Man Eve Edinburgh Fringe Festival
I'll Stand up for you Ms. Ildiko, Mother Stúdió K Theatre
Our Mother Mother/Daughter Mu Theatre
A Window Liz Trafó Contemporary Art House
III/II Richard Anna Jurányi House
To Study, to study, to study Dóri, Szilvia Trafó Contemporary Art House


Life 3x Sonia Barrow Group Theatre
The Trial Little Girl Black Moon Theatre Company
The Fantazmagical Rogers and Burgundy Show Rogers Clowns Without Borders Tour of LA and MS
Wrecked Helen of Troy American Theatre of Actors
Cirque du Soleil Clown Corteo Lounge
Clown Pageant Superwoman West End Theatre
The Waltz of Elementary Particles Principle American Theatre of Actors
Servant of Two Masters Smeraldina Lincoln Center “Meet The Artist”
Don Juan Dona Elvire, Charlotte Lion Theatre
Comedy and Crumbcakes Voila Lincoln Center “Reel to Real”
The Beak, the Sausage, and the Axe Princess Palace of Variety Theatre
Ubu Roi Alfred Jarry Chashama Theatre
The Unpossessed Housekeeper Double Edge Theatre, Mass.
Sitting with Stern Ibolyka Solo The Kitchen, Dixon Place
House of Blue Leaves Bananas Sarah Lawrence College